29 June 2006

Single of the year

Halfway through and, just like in the National League East, the race is already over. If you haven't heard "Ain't No Other Man" yet, click on over to Christina Aguilera's official site. The song should start playing automatically; if not, click the play-button at upper-right. Bask in its glory. I honestly can't imagine this getting topped this year.

I can't find a production credit anywhere, but I'm just going to assume this is Rich Harrison's handiwork; the samples have got his fingerprints all over them. If it is, between this and his other work (in particular "Crazy in Love" and "1 Thing") I think it's about time he was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honour. I mean seriously, people, what more does the man have to do? If I find out it's not him I'll correct this; I'm planning on owning the 12-inch in about two hours.

Random, semi-related thought: uuuh, what happened to Xtina's website? Looks like her label outsourced it to some web designer/host who subsequently went bankrupt, lost the site data, and made off with the money from an online concert ticket sale. Click on the "Notice from Christina's Attorneys..." at the top of the scroll over on the left. Was this story all over and I just missed it? Or is it not really a story?

UPDATE 4 JULY 2006: So I'm finding out the track is produced by none other than DJ Premier! I don't think I've ever heard a pop track by Premo before, and am now left to wonder why. As Jonathan Bradley points out, the track "takes the Rich Harrisons of the world back to school," so there you go. This diminishes my repect for Harrison not a whit, by the way, merely increases it for Premo; I stand by the comment above.

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