06 June 2007

The Used CD Rack of History

C— sent me a pretty funny list of albums you need to throw out, basically a bunch of "this is considered a classic but it's really crap" rants. It's always fun (if easy) to throw stones at sacred cows.

What I find most interesting about it is the fact that this list was written over five years ago; it's amazing to be reminded of how quickly popular culture evolves. By early 2002 the 90s had only just ended (don't let the number fool you; the 90s ended the previous September). The selections at the top of the list are all pretty obvious timeless overrated classics, but the more recent entries toward the end are particularly revealing.

The Prodigy, for instance, have already become so forgotten that people too young to remember the hype could be forgiven for having trouble believing that the band ("band") was once touted as pop music's next big thing. Seriously, electronica was going to replace rock completely in the popular consciousness and the Prodigy were going to be the Beatles of rave.

Sublime? Do people still listen to them? How about the Wallflowers? The Gin Blossoms? Ben Folds Five? It's doubtful many of today's college students know who they are. (My favourite one in this category? Paula Cole.) And while I can certainly remember its ubiquity from my dorm room days, I would be surprised if very many people under 30 know that Pulp Fiction even had a soundtrack album, let alone what was on it.

I also find the inclusion of Dinosaur Jr curious since they were a thing of the past when the list was written. But they've reunited and released a new album in the meantime, and the album named here has been reissued with attendant hoopla. Would they still make the list today?

My missing nominees: London Calling, Some Girls, Moondance, Imagine, Brighten the Corners, Metallica, Desire, Darkness on the Edge of Town, several of which I own, by the way. And some of them I even like.

By the way, if you enjoy wallowing in the detritus of 90s pop culture, this list is pretty amusing too.


Anonymous said...

i dont understand this post. these lists are dumb and meaningless, totally subjective, narrow minded, and egotistical. also, what's this bit about Some Girls? you think Some Girls is a bad album?? good luck with that!

Anonymous said...

Side B of Tim (aside from Dose of Thunder) is top, and should be nowhere near this list. That said, great idea for a list. And a like the bizarre sense of urgency to it, i.e. "sell this piece of shit while you still can."