25 August 2005

Killer tune

Assuming R. Kelly releases "Happy Summertime" as his next single (and I imagine he will, it's far and away the strongest track on TP.3 Reloaded), I think it's safe to say that my favorite Non-Single Album Track of 2005 will be the Ying Yang Twins' "Long Time". I just can't imagine anyone topping this cut. Anthony Hamilton's vocals manage to be simutaneously hilarious and heartbreaking in a way that nothing I can remember hearing before has.

Of course, if "Long Time" is a single, all bets are off. But I doubt it, I think they'll put out "Live Again" or "Ghetto Classics" first; can't quite say why, it's just a hunch. (Aside: Crazy props on the heavy Art of Noise samples on "Ghetto Classics".)

But if so... "When I Go Deaf", by Low? Kelly Clarkson's "Gone"? Anything off the new Emma Bunton record, assuming it comes out before the end of the year?

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