25 August 2005

What am I missing?

Most ridiculous line out of Vegas for NFL season win totals: Baltimore, over/under 10. 10?!? Are you kidding me? Who in their right mind thinks that team is winning 10 games? And don't talk to me about Ray Lewis until you've addressed the issue of Kyle Boller. When has he ever shown the slightest bit of promise? Defense wins championships, but offense wins games.

Perhaps you're saying to yourself, "In that division? Why not?" (nota bene: the AFC North plays the AFC South and the NFC North this year). To put this number in a slightly different perspective, it's higher than any other team save Indy, Philly and New England. Does anyone really expect Baltimore to finish with the fourth-best record in the league? Their number's higher than Atlanta, Kansas City, Minnesota and Pittsburgh (all 9½). Sure, not all those teams will break double-digits (prepare to be exposed, Falcons), but is Baltimore really better than all of them? I don't see it.

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